Maximize Strength Gains with Nutrition: Video

 Maximize Strength Gains with Nutrition: Video

Hard work deserves results! Do you ever feel frustrated that although you workout intensely, you cannot achieve the results you desire? If you’re trying to strenthen and tone, an excellent training program is important, but can be enhanced when combined with proper nutrition! Discover the relationship between training and protein intake…


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STOP DIETING: It’s all about lifestyle

I can’t believe it’s the end of October! This is my hands down favorite month at the beach.  If your a dog owner, it gets even better, because our four legged friends are now welcome! So I’d be crazy NOT to take advantage of this!  Besides leaving some pawprints in the sand this October, I’ve also been reading two wonderful books. Both include a wealth of information for those:

struggling with food (Intuitive Eating,  by Evelyn Tribole M.S., R,D, and Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A., C.E.D.R.D)


struggling with unwanted midlife weight gain (sydrome W: A woman’s Guide to Reversing Midlife Weight Gain, by Harriette Mogul, M.D., M.PH.)

STOP DIETING: It's all about lifestyle

Both books are a supplement to better nutrition and are consistent with my philosophy of substituting lifestlye changes for dieting. Yes, the message is to  STOP DIETING! Ok, so the idea of NOT DIETING is scary to you. But here’s what’s scary to me: We’re spending $40 billion on dieting each year and yet according to the CDC, obesity rates haven’t budged in the past decade. That means one-third of US adults are still obese (BMI>30). A frustrating statistic especially considering it’s a risk factor for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis.

Diets have failed and yet Americans still  can’t get over the diet mentality. We continue with the same ‘restricting’ approach, expecting different results. Albert Einstein called it insanity.

But what’s left? Can we be trusted to navigate our food choices without a strict set of rules? It’s not uncommon for someone to ask me, “What should I eat?” Then look at me funny when I reply, “…what do you like.” Hmm…do people really think their food preferences are irrelevant?

So with a little help from Brody, Keeper and Stryker (oh my!) I made a little youtube video to help sell my pitch…it’s all about lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning about what to do besides dieting to improve your wel lbeing, consult a registered dietitian.

Are you frustrated with the cultural diet myth? Why not pose this question to your twitter followers

What’s keeping you from ditching the diet mentality?

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