Spring Break 2013: Tiger Style

Last week was different.  Maybe you’ll think I’m slacking.  Yesterday I started to feel a little guilty for not having prepared anything new to post on my blog. Here’s what’s been goin’ on.

It all started when my husband announced, “I need to prepare you for something.”   Hmm… you know this doesn’t sound like I’m getting a new car. And it doesn’t sound like the start of a conversation where the girl gets to say, “Isn’t that a pretty ring!”  What was I being prepped for? Spring break… Miz-Zou…at my house…again! Last week the University of Missouri was on spring break; my son was home and he brought part of the wrestling team along! Yep, just one of the many benefits of living on the coast! LOL!!!  So on today’s post, I am sharing a few images from the past week and I’ll allow you to connect the dots, fill in the blanks and use your imagination to picture what life in my North Carolina home has been like.

Oyster roast in progress!
Balancing work and play.

Life is good!

 What did you do on your spring break?


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