How Fit Are YOU?

Happy New Year! The number of blog posts focusing on New Year’s resolutions is mind boggling. I’ve given my two cents worth in the past with posts like , like Quittin’ You and Sticking Points. But instead of blowing up the internet with yet another of the same, I’d like to offer you something different for 2017.

If it were  possible, would you work toward a goal that would allow you to shave 25 years off your age, and improve your quality of life? Ok, it sounds a little far fetched, so let me explain something that caught my attention  and demonstrates how lifestyle affects biological age. It’s a  study of  people over the age of 50  by  Peeke and Wisloff that illustrates the reality, and has me thinking, maybe age doesn’t matter?

The researchers studied  Senior Olympic athletes (NOT professional athletes, but individuals over the age of 50 who train frequently, and are more physically active than other people at the same chronological age.) The subjects completed a fit age test developed by  Norwegian sceintists, that’s an ingenious way  of estimating VO2 max ( a measure of your current cardiovascular endurance). If you don’t know your VO2 max, your not alone. Most people don’t because finding it requires sophisticated equipment and is costly to evaluate.  But several years ago, Norwegian scientists worked around this problem and developed an algorithm that provides a close approximation of someone’s fitness age. It considers parameters including:  waist size, heart rate, exercise frequency and intensity. Try it yourself here.

In the study I am referencing, Wisloff and Peeke anaylazied more than 4000 Senior Olympicans.  The average age of this group was 68. The average fit age was 43. Although the researchers expected their subjects’  fit age to be lower than their chronilogical age, they were amazed that they had shaved a quarter of a century off of their age!

Here is something that surprised me, even more than this study. I too have a fit age 25 years younger than my real age! I am NOT an Senior Olympian.  As a matter of fact, I was NEVER even a high school or college athlete.  I spend 20 to 45 minutes daily on exercise varying between long runs, short interval runs and strength training. I have been doing this for well over 10 years. The other piece, is of course, the nutritional component to support the training and run interferance with fatigue, so I can train and get on with the rest of the day.

If you don’t think you have the time to spend on exercise, I completely understand. It is a time commitment and you will likely have to  sacrifice time spent somewhere else during the day. But shaving years off your age might be worth it? What do you think? Are you  willing to spend 20 to 45 minutes exercising daily and follow simple guidelines to keep you energized and fuel workouts?  If you answered YES,  please follow  me in social media for exercise and nutrition tips aimed at reducing your fit age: 

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  Start by finding out how fit your are  here. In about 3  months, retake the fit age quiz again. I’ll remind you. Your Happy, healthy New Year starts here now!

Running with the Ta Ta’s: Tips for Buying A Sports Bra + Review of My Favs

Sports bras  are fashion forward,  but make no mistake, they ‘re invaluable gear for  female runners.  I like to  think of ’em as an insurance policy for your breasts. Disclosure: I received  the sports bras mentioned in  this post free  of charge. I was not compensated financially  for my time. Opinions are my own.

Female runners tend to agree with males when citing their most treasured running equipment: shoes! I concur, but would add a good fitting sports bra, for reasons of comfort and maintenance of shape. Here are 2  facts to remember.

No bounce = Comfort

Minimal movement  =  Maintenance of Shape

The first point is no secret.  You learned this early on.  The second point, isn’t quite so obvious, and if you’re young, you might get fooled.  But make no mistake,  less movement =  less damage to your ta ta’s. Yes I’m talking about sagging and drooping : ( .   Saddly, there is no exercise or diet that will preserve the youthful appearance of  breasts. Unlike biceps and tricips, your breasts DO NOT tone with exercise; they aren’t made of  muscle.  Rather, breasts consists of glands,  fat and  fibrous tissues, and  they will eventually succumb to gravity. Further problematic is the fact that when you move, so do your breasts. The repetitive bouncing can stress, stretch and irreversibly damage the Cooper’s Ligaments (fibrous strands that keep breasts attached to  the chest wall, and are first defenders for holding up the girls and maintaining  their shape).    Preventative measures, like  extra support while you exercise, are prudent and may help you maximize your lift. I was shocked to hear that 44% of women do not wear a sports bra. Geez, does this mean  they’re not exercising? 

Please make exercise part of your lifestyle  and get the insurance policy for your breasts I call  a sports bra. There are a daunting number to chose from, so here are two tips for selecting the right one for YOU!   First : Get fitted by an expert. It doesn’t matter if you buy  a recommended bra  or one touted the best.

  I had Stella, the owner of Lillies and Lace in Wilmington,  fit me.  If you can’t find an expert in your area, there are sites on the web. Secondly, “test drive” the sports bra in the store. Many shoes stores now have treadmills onsite offering the ability to run in the shoe before you buy it.  The same concept applies to sports bras. Check the support by trying on the bra and moving. I like to do some running in place in the dressing room.. you can also jump, and stretch while trying on the bra. Does it support? Is it comfortable?

Here are few new sports bras I most recently tested during a 5 miles run..IMG_4741

Panache Sport

A new name in sports bras for me.  Where have I been? This cute little number has underwire wrapped in silicone making it both comfortable  and supportive.    The bra cups encapsulate breasts rather than compressing them, so it is ultra flattering! It was a hot morning when I  ran in  this one and thank goodness for the fabric that wicks away moisture!    I love the versatility of the wide straps that also adjust to racer back with a hook and eye closure. (The racer back is my preferred way of wearing when running.)  Don’t you think the colors are beautiful?..

The flat seams of this bra make  it  look  great under any sportswear. Love love love this one!!!

IMG_4740Ta Ta Tamer III  by Lululemon

This is the first  Lululemon sports bra I have ever had, but it won’t be the last! This bra holds the girls in place and is NOT compressing.  The bra features secure mesh fabric side  panels to keep bounce at bay.  The sweat-wicking Luxtreme fabric with added LYCRA fibre keeps it’s shape while keeping me dry! This gem gives you two ways to wear the straps, up and down as pictured or crossable in the back. It comes in a variety of colors , but aren’t the blue bubbles adorable?




Run Stuff Your Bra IIIIMG_4779

If you like your girls packed in and compressed, you’ll love this  sports bra also by Lululemon!







Attachment-1-11Do you ever use the cup of  your bra as a pocket? If you do, this one is made especially for you!! The built-in pocket feature  allows you to stash keys,  lip balm , money or snacks. LOL!  The  fabric feels like a second skin.  Pull it on  overhead and you’re good to go..



with  comfortable wide straps that crisscross in the back . It comes in a variety of colors; choosing just one will be tough. But every gal should have a black sports bra. Am I right?

RUNSTUFFYOURBRADo you wear sports bras? If so, what do you look for in a sports bra? What are your favorites?

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