Feeling Faster: Newton Running Shoes

Putting on my Newton Kismet running shoes makes me want to move!

Newton Kismet Running Shoe; #feelNewtonDisclosure: Newton Running is supporting our 2015 Cabot Fit Team and providing a new pair of running shoes for the race. I was not expected to write this post. I was not financially compensated for my time. Opinions are my own. 

Is it better to be faster than slower? This question reminds me of the AT&T commercials, and  who doesn’t want faster service? But what about running? Should you try to run faster? I’ve already mentioned in previous posts  (here and here) that  I’m jumping on the faster (running)  bandwagon in hopes to set a  PR at the Beach 2 Beacon Road Race in Cape Elizabeth, Maine running with the Cabot Fit Team.

I’m about 4 weeks into my new training and so far I have managed to avoid one of the biggest risks of running faster: injury (knock wood). But I  haven’t avoided ALL the cons of running faster: the work, the sweat, the pain. It’s not fun.

Here’s what’s  helping me push through my slowness ..

1. Faster tempo music. Please stay tuned for an updated playlist!

2. These:Newton Kismet Running Shoe. #feelNewton

Newton Kismet running shoes are making me feel faster. It’s a feeling I can’t explain, but it’s there. Why did I starting running in this shoe after 20+ years in another brand? It was shear serendipity. That’s right,  I never shopped  around for a different shoe. A better shoe. A faster shoe. But when Newton running asked members of the Cabot Fit team,

What’s important to you in a running shoe?

here’s what I told them:

I need a stability shoe, a wide toe box, and I run 25 miles weekly, but I’m trying to cut it back and improve my speed.

I have to say, they nailed it!  I love the support for my significantly pronated gait! These shoes are moderately soft, comfortable, much lighter than my previous trainers, and make me feel energetic. The fit  is perfection;  not too tight but not too loose, and plenty of wiggle room for my piggies.    I logged 14 miles in these my first week and  I have had NO break-in blisters or discomfort of any kind. A terrific transition to a terrific shoe .  Don’t take my word for it, discover for yourself  what they  mean when they say #feelNewton!

What attributes do you look for in a running shoe?

Have you ever worn Newton running shoe?

Training Update: A Plan to Improve My Running Speed

My version of running between the hedges. 

 running between the hedges.; a training plan to improve speedDisclosure:  Cabot is sponsoring my participation in the TD Beach to Beacon 10K Road Race, along with travel and accomodations. I was not expected to write this post. I did not receive financial compensation for my time. Opinions are my own. I have a working relationship with Dan Duffy. I was not asked to mention his name and I am not receiving compensation for this post.

I am the poster child for running the same distance 100x ‘s and never getting faster. Almost everyday, for well over a year, I ‘ve been running the same 5 mile run  with my chocolate lab, Brody. It helps to   keep him out of mischief, and  I hoping I ‘m getting some benefits from an active lifestyle. As a member of the Cabot Fit Team, I analyze my current abilities for the upcoming Beach to Beacon 10K. Speed is NOT  my forte.

So I first asked myself, How can I  run faster?

And I came to this conclusion: To run faster, you have to run faster!

Ha!  I know there’s more to it than this.

So I asked Dan Duffy, LAT, ATC, CSCS, an expert in the field of traning athletes to enhance their sports performance. He came up with a simple program for me. It started with cutting back on my overall distance each week (I was running 25 miles weekly; now only half of that)  and adding  shorter and faster runs. I started doing some sprint work: 110s, 220s, 440s. My longer runs are now no longer than 3 miles. I’m running  the loop at Wrightsville Beach (2.56 miles)  or an alternative route in my neighborhood (3 miles).

Now for those of you who still  might be wondering,  Is she still running with her dog?

Actaully, I’m not. But mostly because the weather in Coastal North Carolina is much too hot to safely run any dog. Even early in the morning and late in the evening, temperatures are above 8o degress and the humity is high. Because dogs don’t have a means to sweat,  they can quickly overheat. Last year, Brody had a doggy version of a sabatical from June-August. Looks like the same for this year. I ‘m looking forward to cooler weather, so I can once again run with my cooler partner! In the mean time, I hope to improve my overall speed!


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