Simple Home Gym

Skipping the gym for a home workout is a  time saver, helping you be more consistent with daily exercise goals. I am not a physcial fitness expert. I am a registered dietitian. I use evidence based information to address nutrition from a healthy aging perspective, and by integrating food and physical activity, I champion practical ways to reach fitness goals that include:

• maintaining a healthy weight

• preserving lean muscle mass

• reducing body fat

• preventing bone loss

My goal isn’t to tell you how to exercise, but merely to encourage you to get some physical activity, everyday. I’ve discussed the importance of consistency;  it’s what separates those who reach their goals and those who do not. With the holiday season in full swing, today’s post is a reminder not to give up on your fitness goals, but to be inspired to  be your personal best. If getting to the gym is a struggle now, consider the time savings of a simple home gym. Eliminate that 20 or 30 minute commute by giving yourself the gift of some  simple fitness equipment appropriate  for  functional fitness.  I have medicine balls, a stability ball,  a bosu, jump rope, pull up bar, and  free weights. I store these items in my garage. They could also be stored in an empty closet and pulled out when your ready to hustle.

Remember,  some activity is better than no activity. What strategies do you use to stay consistent with exercise around the holidays? Do you have a home gym? If so, what equipment do you include?


Cranberry Shrub

A cranberry shrub served over ice, and topped off with sparkling water is the go to holiday beverage for those commited to health  and fitness goals. If you’re like me, you make fresh cranberry sauce once a year. If there happens to be any leftover, it’s sinful to waste. Adding it to turkey sandwiches is a plus, and this year I’m expanding my cranberry inspiration by making cranberry shrubs.

My first attempt at making a  shrub was three years ago when I made this strawberry mint shrub following the simple  template for the beverage: one part fruit, one part sugar and one part vinegar. If you have leftover cranberry sauce after Thanksgiving, you already have the first two ingredients!  All that’s necessary is the addition of vinegar (the so called star of the shrub). Now at first glance you might think this is a sugar bomb, but it  absoulutely is not! You eventually strain off the cranberry sauce. I did not send this off to a lab, but my best guess is there still is a good bit of sugar remaining in the cranberry sauce (yes, I tasted it. It was vinegary, but also had some sweetness.) This cranberry shrub has some of the cranberry flavor, without a heaping amount of sugar. It’s fat free, cholesterol free, saturated fat free. Plus, there is no alcohol, which by the way , is more calorie dense (per gram) than sugar. 

Cranberry Shrub

Prep Time 5 minutes Inactive Time 8 hours Total Time 5 mins
Serves 4     adjust servings



  • 1 cup cranberry sauce
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • ice
  • 24 ounces sparkling water
  • one dozen fresh cranberries


Place cranberry sauce in a glass container. Pour vinegar overtop. Cover and refrigerate overnight. After at least eight hours, strain cranberry mixture by pouring into a container through a cheese cloth or paper filter. To make each serving, add ice to glass. Pour 2 ounces of cranberry shrub on top of ice. Finish with 6  ounces sparlking water.  Garnish each glass with fresh cranberries. 


Recipe Notes



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