1. Hello Diane,
    It is a nice blog. Your blog is full of informative writings about foods. It is so impressive. Your blog will be helpful to parents if you write something about Child Nutritions . I highly appreciate you. Carry on. I found many information from you which i didn’t know about. So thank you and i’m hoping more this kind of article from you.
    Thank you once again

  2. Thank you so much for your advice about the health and nutrition.
    Actually I often get sick and I am really worried about my health. Many people give different advice. I take care of my health although I become sick and I miss my classes. I have to take sick leave often.Being sick most of the time is disgusting feeling.
    This article has improve my daily living and even my health. Now a days I am much more healthier and happy as well.
    I would like you to comment in Child Nutrition in order to make other people aware about the food they eat and the nutrition that our body need to perform daily activities.

    • Thanks Jessica. I am enjoying my garden and hoping I get some tomatoes and cukes for my summer salads!

  3. These burgers look delicious, and I also love using mushrooms as a meat-extender! My kids are out of the house too, and my favorite thing is when they call me now for advice. Maybe they were listening all along…

    • Thank you Anne. BTW, you’re way ahead of me on having kids ask for advice. I am hopeful but not counting on it. Can’t wait to see what your cooking up this week; heading over to your blog now.

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