Wrightsville Beach Turkey Trot 2015

Wrightsville Beach Turkey TrotA cool way to spend my Thanksgiving morning, raising money for  Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity! The annual Wrightsville Beach Turkey Trot had 2500 runners this year and raised enough money for a new Habitat house! The course was familiar to locals,  the Loop at Wrightsville Beach (with a slight modification to make the 5K distance). IMHO, the weather could not have been more perfect  for running at the beach!

Of course, no run is complete without some fun costumes. The folks of Nelson’s Bay Oysters scored  first place with their Oyster Roast getups.Wrightsville Beach Turkey TrotHow cute are they?  And then there’s this canine. That face, though!

Wrightsville Beach Turkey TrotIn addition to admiring Thanksgiving themed costumes and  chatting with friends and neighbors, crossing the finish line was another highlight for  many runners, myself included. This race proved to be my fastest 5K so far, finishing in 23:35 for a  pace of 7:35 per mile  and good enough for first in the Women’s Grand Masters. More race results here.Wrightsville Beach Turkey TrotI have so much to be thankful for, including opportunities that promote the importance of wellness through exercise, nutrition and giving back. Happy Thanksgiving!

Turnip Mashed Potatoes

Keep the holidays healthy with plenty of fruits and vegetables.Turnips

Disclosure: I received a Produce Box, mentioned here, free of charge. I was not expected to write this post. I was not financially compensated for my time. Opinions are my own.

Last week there was something in my produce box I had never eaten before
but this week it’s included as an ingredient in something I’m preparing for Thanksgiving.  These  pretty white turnips.IMG_2907 I can’t say I was clueless about what to do with them for long, because the Produce box always includes tips to keep your produce fresh and suggested ways to prepare the goodness.

Here are the  tips they offer  for  turnips:  grate into a salads, add to stocks,  roast grill or cook as you would potatoes. They keep in the refrigerator for one two weeks. You can also use the leaves, but must cut them from the root and store separately; use with in a few days.

So let’s get back back to the  root of the matter.. what I’m making for Thanksgiving with the turnip root.Turnip Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes! The recipe is below and is adapted from my original  recipe  made with cauliflower. You can also use your own mashed potato recipe, just substitute in turnip roots for some of the potatoes (I use the proportion: 1 part turnip root to 3 parts potato.) One cup of turnips has 35 calories, is  a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C and potassium.

This holiday season, remember to bring health to the holiday table with more fruits and vegetables. Consider giving yourself (or someone you care about) the gift of produce delivered to your door via the Produce Box!

Turnip Mashed PotatoesTurnip Mashed Potatoes

by Diane Boyd

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Ingredients (serves 12)

  • 3 pounds russet potatoes, peeled
  • 1 pound turnips, peeled
  • 3/4 cup skim milk
  • 2 Tablespoon non-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, or to taste
  • garnish with fresh Italian parsley


1. Put potatoes and turnip into a Dutch oven. Add water to cover the vegetables. Add salt. Bring to a boil. reduce heat; steam covered for 15-20 minutes or until vegetables are tender.

2. Using a slotted spoon, remove vegetables and add to a foo mill. Force vegetables through fodd mill into large bowl.

3. Stir in milk, Greek yogurt, butter and salt. Serve immediately.

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