• Thanks Julie. White whole wheat is such an easy substitute for white flour it just makes good sense, especailly given the fact so many of us aren’t meeting whole grain recommendations!

  1. I have one dog and can’t imagine life with 4. If they are anything like mine, I’m sure your house is full of chew toys and lots of laughter.

    But these muffins look so good, Diane! Banana+walnut is one of my favorite combos. At the risk of a walnut overload, I’d probably add a whole cup of walnuts and savor every crunchy bite. And I’ve been wanting to experiment more with white whole wheat flour too so this recipe is right on time!

    • Thanks Marisa! Yes, my house is filled with chew toys, laughter, and some barking! Glad this recipe using white whole wheat flour was timly for you. You wouldn’t be over the top with one whole cup of walnuts; go for it!!!

  2. It is nutty that nuts were once thought to be a “bad” food. So many wonderful nutrition benefits from nuts! I’m glad all the Recipe Redux posts are celebrating nuts today and your recipe looks amazing!

    • Thank you Karman. Yes, a get theme for the Recipe Redux and sooo many wonderful recipes being posted!

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