1. I like cheddar b/c when we were little, my dad would have a bowl of bean soup with crackers and cheddar. We kids would eat anything Dad would as he’d make it look soo good, and I loved it starting then ever since!

  2. I never met a cheese i didn’t like 🙂 But cheddar is esp delicious because it is so versatile and goes with…pretty much everything.

  3. Cheddar is a very versatile and flavorful cheese. We use it with pasta, on sandwiches, pizza, crackers and best of all…by itself!

  4. I like the tangy taste of Sharp Vermont Cheddar and I love how well sharp or mild Cheddar goes with so many things. I go through a LOT of cheese, most of the cheddar!

  5. Those people that say everything’s better with bacon are so wrong. Everything’s better with cheddar! I grew up in a time and place (small town Kansas in the 60’s) and there were not many varieties of cheese available, so we ate a LOT of cheddar. I’ve just eaten it so long and loved it all these years, I guess nostalgia and familiarity make it my favorite cheese.

  6. It makes everything better. Plus it is a universal ingredient to make healthy foods more palatable to kids.

    • Yes, good point David. Melted cheese on vegetables or inside sandwiches will make them appealing to kids!

  7. Wow! I love figs & love this combo. You can’t go wrong with Cabot cheese, but you can go so so right with Cabot cheese + figs! Can’t wait to make this

  8. I am wishing I had had your fig galette for breakfast this weekend!!! This sounds so easy and so delish! I love cheddar as it’s one of the few cheese products that I can eat as I am lactose intolerant and could clear a room in minutes after eating cheese filled with lactose! 🙂

  9. I love cheddar because I like the sharp taste in a cheese it pairs well with lots of food and wine!

    • Ah, yes Ashley cheddar does pair well with food and wine. I am not a big fan of beer, but I am told it makes another good combo.

    • Thanks Deanna! Everytime I see a rustic tart at a bistro or cafe I think I need to make one. Finally got it done!

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