My trek to fast: Comfort Zone Breakaway


Disclosure: Newton Running is a sponsor of  the  2015 Cabot Fit Team providing a new pair of running shoes for the race. I was not expected to write this post. I was not financially compensated for my time. Opinions are my own. 

When was the last time you challenged yourself? Last month I tested my ablilty to run faster. It really wasn’t something I woke up one morning enthusiatic about achieving. But for some time now, my son has  suggested the benefits  I might gain by training  shorter, faster distances. After being invited to join the Cabot Fit Team to participate in the Beach to Beacon 10K Road Race,  I decided it was  the perfect time to expand my fitness.

So for the month of July, I was going to find out the answer to this

 Is it possible to increase your running speed in 4 weeks?

I cut back on my overall distance (25 miles/ week–>15 miles/week) focusing  on shorter, faster distances. In July, most of my runs were short (under 2 miles) and I  only ran  3 miles or greater distance on occasion. Here’s  the single 6.2 miles distance I completed in early July (I consider this my baseline for a 10K or 6.2 mile run)photo-9-2

Most of the month I spent running shorter distances like thisphoto-11-2

along with some interval training  with  1 minute 30 second rest between each mile.


In addition to changing my running routine, there is I one more thing I changed. Again, NOT MY IDEA. In the middle of July,  I learned that Newton Running was sponsoring our team; we were all getting new running shoes! What girl isn’t excited about a new pair of shoes?  But honestly, I didn’t take trying out a new shoe lightly. Changing shoes is, in my opinion, a BIG deal.  Shoes are the most critical equipment a runner owns. They’re the transition between your feet and the pavement. If your feet aren’t comfortable, it’s hard to be fast.

Familiar with the Newton brand as a forefront running shoe, I was glad to hear they had expanded their line with shoes for every runner (because I need a stability shoe).  I had been wearing another brand shoe for over 20 years, but was willing to give Newton’s  at least one good whirl. I was excited the  day  UPS delivered my shoes; they looked really fast.  When I first laced them up,  I immediately noticed lightness in my feet, which I assumed would translate into speed.  The next day, it was off to break them in; I felt a perfect match and believed these would only be an advantage in trying to meet my goal, run the Beach 2 Beacon 10 K in a sub 8 minute mile pace.

For the next two weeks I trained in my Newton’s and one week before the race I ran a longer distance (five miles) in them feeling pretty

Did I meet my race goal? You bet I did…


with the combination of fast shoes and  increased training pace.race_1443_photo_23181273-2

If you want to run faster,  break away from your comfort zone. Keep in touch as I will have continued updates on my attempt to perform better.



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