1. You killed that race! All your hard work and dedication truly paid off! Getting faster is one of my goals, but for now I really need to focus on consistency in my running. I am so glad I got to race with you (even though you were light years ahead of me!) I am definitely going to follow your training methods, since obviously it works!!

    • Thank you Julie! I had to accept that running more was not going to make me faster. I worked on getting the most out of every second I spent training. You can do it!

  2. Wow – Diane, your speed improved so much! I was running faster, shorter distances by accident (I was time crunched) and noticed some speed gains when I went longer – but, thought it was because it was my first long one in awhile – but then today I read your informative post! I will be doing faster shorter runs on purpose now! And thanks for the running show recommendation – I hadn’t heard of Newton Running before!

    • Hi Shashi, It goes to show, we don’t have to spend long hours training; short, but intense workouts are effective!

  3. Great write up! I am working on adding in sprints to my runs now too. I have noticed that when I am out of it and ready to call a run a quit, I push harder and add intervals. This not only reminds me that the only thing stopping me is – myself – and shows me that there is always more I could be pushing to gain speed and strength. Now, time to put the hammer down on those runs and get my pace up as well! 😀

    Great meeting you, fun write up and I can’t wait to see how fast your next race is!

    • Thank you, Kita. It was terrifice to connect with you as well. So excited to hear you’re adding sprints to your runs. You’ll be amazed how quickly you’re able to improve your times! Keep in touch!!!

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