1. This would allow me to do more strength training (I’m doing a lot of running currently).

  2. With a toddler at home and another on the way, I am always looking for at home workout options, especially those that include a strength component with minimal equipment. Perfect!

  3. The resistance bands look like they would be a great pre-run stretch or post-run cool down.

    • Hi David, yes they would. I like using it post-run for my stretching! BTW, the FitKit online resource shows you lots of exercises to do with them.

  4. I’m on the go a lot so I could use this wherever I’m traveling to for the day! Seems like a great way to keep up with exercise.

  5. It would allow me to switch up my exercise routine, instead of mainly focusing on cardio.

    • That’s a worthy goal DJ; the best conditioned athletes to a variety of activity. It would be great way for you to get started on adding to your cardio routine!

    • Yes, check out the online FitKit site. There is an entire exercise library and getting started section too!

  6. it would help me very my workout routines which has been the same for years. I am especially interested in adding some upper body strength training and perhaps might gain some insight in to how to do that.

  7. I played golf today with your MIL and she told me all about. Obviously I am also a blogger (with my daughter). Can’t wait to read your recap of the Beach to Beacon race. That should be a really fun weekend! I’m part of the Without Limits running group in Wilmington and perhaps you have run some of the same races as me.

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