• Hi Regan, HA, I like your description of my garden. Cabot once again was my inspiration with seeds/cowpots. I knew it would be work, but it has also been enjoyable. I love to visit my garden daily. It’s one of my happy places.

    • Yes, cowpots are terrific and got my plants off to a healthy start! Julie, give yourself a pat on the back for getting started. Mine isn’t producing much, but I’m learning and that’s valuable.

  1. I am so envious of those gorgeous zucchini blossoms! And you just reminded me that I haven’t had any yet this summer – need to get on that asap! This pie looks amazing. Good luck with the garden!

  2. I both grew up gardening and now teach nutrition through a hands-on program in gardens as my job. I always recommend new gardeners to start small and assure them they will learn what works for them over time. Learning to garden is basically one giant experiment. There are so many methods and only a few basic “musts”. All that being said, it looks like you’re off to a GREAT start!

  3. Oh, I’m envious of both your gardening skills and those gorgeous zucchini blossoms! I have to look for them at the farmers market – such a special veggie treat this time of year.

    • Thank you,Deanna. I think even just a few the zucchini blossoms can be so pretty on some of our favorite Italian dishes. They would work ontop of your zuccchini pasta posted in this RECIPEREDUX!

  4. Your garden looks beautiful! Love the flower additions. And that zucchini plant IS taking over. Now about the pie … I want this for Sunday brunch :). Looks so savory and summery and love how you used your blossoms. Pinning this one for when my tomato crop comes in!

    • Thank you Jenny. It means alot coming from you because I’ve seen you have a green thumb! I think you’ll love this with your tomatoes. I was a hit a my house! Hope you have tomatoes soon!!!!

  5. I have not eaten zucchini blossoms but they sure look pretty on your pie! I’ve also never made a crust with quinoa but am looking forward to giving it a try. Hope you are staying cool this summer!

    • Ha, I hadn’t either, Janice. Kind of by chance that I even used them ( there wasn’t anything else from the garden wanting to be picked.) I realized they’re edilbe and are popular in the mainstream cooking magazines.

  6. The quinoa crust looks incredible– I must try!

    Love all the photos of your little garden πŸ™‚ I’m living in a city in Asia right now, so now garden for a long, long time. I can’t wait to have a yard and an area to plant again! Be patient with your little garden — you’ll learn every year and it will improve– and if you’re lucky to live where its warm enough, plants will return and will be stronger every year.

    • Hi Michele! Thank you for your words of encouragement! I love having a garden, even when it’s slow to deliver on veggies. It’s my sanctuary! Always feel better when I’ve made a trip to the garden.

    • Hi Marisa. I thought about this recipe for a few weeks before it came together. The curst was a big success. I will use it again in a fruit pie because I like making pie crust!

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