1. Awesome! I’m training for a race (Cape Cod Half) in October, and I haven’t been timing my runs or even keeping exact distance! I’m kind of just winging it–and it’s been helping to keep me from burning out!

  2. Hey Diane – Ironically, I’m trying to change my tune when it comes to running these days – trying to do it more for fun vs. speed. I’ve been running for 15+ years now and always want to PR each race. In the past few years, I attempted to do more speed & interval training and as a result, I got injured twice (those darn gluts) -and never before had I been really sidelined in my running “career.” As I’m in my mid-40s now, I figure, why not just enjoy the view, fresh air, etc. vs. being a slave to my Garmin – perhaps this is just my excuse not to put in the hard work (lol!) but my goal for Beach to Beacon is to truly enjoy the view and the atmosphere 🙂 Can’t wait to tie up my Newtons with you!

    • Hi Deanna, I can’t cut you any slack for age.. I’ve got some years on you! But I get injury. Sometimes slowing down is a good thing. I’m just glad your going to be there!

    • Thank you, Kirstina! I am looking forward to it, and yes I am lucky to be part of such a terrific team. Fast music, good tip!

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