• Thanks, Marisa. I don’t think you can go wrong with a tzatziki. I think you can use them as you would any cucumber; yesterday I used one in my salad and it was delicious. I think they would also be good in a salsa.

    • Hi Kalee, I haven’t seen them before so I don’t know where to tell you to look. These were grown in NC. Look luck and please keep me posted. I’d love to hear if you find them somewhere!

    • Hi Jessica! Good questions and I wish I would have taken the photo with one that I cut into. On the inside, it has lots of seeds in the center, like a canalope. I scooped them out. The texture is just like a regular cucumber. It tastes like a cucumber, but has a lemon flavor.

    • I hadn’t either, Rachel. The area manager from the Produce Box, brought them by along with my CSA box. She knew I’d be intrigued, as are my freinds and colleagues!

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