1. Love this recipe, Diane! Count me in for Plus 4 🙂

    It’s so ironic that you all live at the beach, but you’re the only one who really likes fish. Hoping this “turns the tide” for the rest of the family!!

    • Thank you, Regan! Yes I soo want to take advantage of doing dock to table. So cool the fresh local fish I can get at Wrightsville Beach!

  2. Fish nachos??? Why simply BRILLIANT!!! I adore fish tacos – but never ever had fish nachos! But – looking at that skillet there, I have to echo your daughter – this just looks so so so good!

    • Thank you, Shashi. I have never had fish nachos before this either, but these sure turned out delcious and they’re easier than tacos because everything is in one pan. Hope you’ll give it a try.

  3. Cedar planked anything and I am all for it 🙂 I have never had fish tacos before but now I must!! These look so delicious. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I think I was looking at your fish recipe just as you were looking at mine! Never had fish nachos and love this idea for leftover fish. And love that it was your husband’s idea to make the nachos. We eat fish a few times a week and always have leftovers – so this is going to be on the menu next time. Thinking fish soft tacos Day 1 then fish nachos Day 2.

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