• Genevieve, I did have an amazing time! Hope you’ll try the pumpkin ‘fruit roll-ups’ for a taste of fall!

  1. Diane,
    I love these pumpkin roll-ups and that you made them entirely from scratch. I also am so inspired by the quote you shared. I need to be reminded of that so often. It is so easy, in the blogging world to compare ourselves to others, when being ourselves is really what matters, what our reader want, and how we can make a change. Thank you for that! So glad BB went well. Love reading about it!

    • Katie, The credit goes to the blog brulee and Regan Miller Jones. Regan shares that she’s gotten to where she is today by avoiding, as she states, ‘the whole comparison conversation in my own head.’ Regan is truly brillant. Her vision is now a reality and RDs are the benefactors.

    • Thank you, Regan. I really was inspired on all levels. Kudous to you for getting all of this to happen!!!!!!!

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