• Thank you, Karman! Thanks for being such a great roomie. I enjoyed meeting you!!!!!! Hope to reconnect (in person). Maybe FNCE?

    • Perfect for me as well. I have been remaking them and keeping them freezer ever since I developed this recipe! Enjoy!

    • EA, You have such great perspective! Yes, the granola is wonderful on its own. I’ve been making it weekly and storing it in a mason jar for a quick snack or to sprinkle on yogurt.

  1. Yum yum yum! I don’t want to wait until I get hangry to grab one of these babies. They look delicious and such a fun & creative way to get in fruits in your snack

    • You’re right Meme, don’t get hangry, get California raisins. Hope you’ll make these frozen pops and keep them in the freezer to prevent ‘hangry moments.’ Thanks for your comment!

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