• Thank you, Jessica. Because these are twice baked cookies, we need a little more effort. The result is ususally worth it for me! Enjoy!!!!

    • Thank you, Katie. Yes, white whole wheat is an easy way to bump up the nutritional quality in baked products. I find I can get a terrific result by using up to half of the the flour in bake goods with white whole wheat. I keep a bag of it in my freezer and pull it out on baking day.

  1. i love this!! biscotti has a sweet spot in my heart, and i’ve made a lot of it, but never have a thrown in liqueurs… yours looks absolutely perfect! throwing in chocolate covered almonds… brilliant!

    • Thank you, Gretchen! The amaretto and chocolate covered almonds were in the original recipe, so I can’t take credit. But they sure do make a biscotti extra YUMMY!

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