• Thank you. I use Greek yogurt often and my husband will attest to that! I asked him, “guess what I made the icing with?” His response, “Yogurt, you put it in everything.”

  1. OMG! I was totally going to attempt making my husband’s Aunt Boot’s nut roll with Monk Fruit. But I just couldn’t get up enough courage to do it….I was afraid of a flop after all the time to make a yeast bread and chop nuts for the filling. Thank you, thank you for tackling it for me…with what looks like delicious results. Can’t wait to surprise my husband…and Aunt Boots. She has diabetes…so will LOVE this!!

    • It’s an ideal way to use the Monk Fruit! I’m pretty sure you will ALL be pleased with the results! I share lots of samples with my friends and this is one of their favorites.

  2. Wow does this look delicious (and I love your styling in these photos!) Looks like it would be versatile to make with other fruit too – yum! Thanks for the biscotti shout out 🙂

    • Thank you, Deanna. I agree, I think it would be versatile. Adding some dried fruits would also be yummy in the filling!

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