1. Love your fitness twist on this ReDux! This would be a great gift for my hubby who always drinks a protein drink after his Insanity workout. Love the wire mixing ball too!

    • Thank you, EA! Hopefully the incentives of this package will last far longer than most baked goods!

    • Thank you! Just looking for something a little different and certainly in keeping with my sports/fitness clients!

    • Alex, Keeping a little balance is always good! Thanks for noticing the wire mixing ball; I really loved what this added to the package.

    • Kat, Are you doing a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning? Sounds like a fun idea! After a run like that, you can recover with a glass of chocolate milk. This recovey drink I have posted is meant to be used after strength training (vs cardio). I hope I have not confused too many people. Here’s a link to a video on maximizing strength gains with nutrition that explains the details

    • Dixya, I would love to get a supersized basket and fill it will all of these DIY gifts. I am loving the variety!

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