1. OK, those photos truly having me craving salad – gorgeous. I guess I am dating myself too because this is one of my all time fav movies and I can quote far too many lines. (And I forgot about Dead Poets Society – that was a great flick too.)

    • Deanna, Thank you for your comments; you’re always so nice! I want to complement you, Regan and Serrena for coming up with such a fun challenge. I am enjoying the Oscar (movie) theme. Hope to find time on the weekend to read more of the other links.

    • Katie, Yes, Dead Poets Society is a masterpiece! Thank you for introducing me to Inglourious Basterds on your Redux blog post. I watched the clip and now need to go get the movie; I’m hooked!

    • Cheryl, Oh how funny! I will have to click on the link to your site. Looking forward to seeing your post!

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