Mantra for the healthiest/fittest version of YOU


I’ve been searching for my New Year’s message to you for several weeks. It finally came to me three days before Christmas while I was having dinner with my son and his good friend from elementary school, Andrew. I have known this young man since he was in the third grade. He has many winning  attributes; I knew  Andrew  was destined for great things. I was right, Andrew is now a cadet in the Naval Academy. Here’s the conversation we had that inspired my New Year’s message.

Me: Andrew, how is life at the Naval Academy?

Andrew: Great. I am in my third year now and have much more freedom. I can go to town without wearing my uniform. I wish we could have done this as freshman.

Me: You have to earn it.

Andrew: Yep, that’s what they keep telling us.

“You have to earn it.” There it is in black and white, my 2013 mantra to help you become the fittest/ healthiest version of yourself in 2013!  Inherent in this message are 3 important elements, the first is YOU. Nobody can do this for you and it doesn’t come from a store.  You alone must take responsibility to integrate healthy habits into your everyday life. You will need to make a genuine, self-motivated commitment to change your eating habits, give your bad habits the boot and get moving.

The second element fundamental to this mantra is work and discipline. That’s right,  the word earn suggests effort and work done.   There are no short cuts to better health/fitness. They  come only from the effort you put forth. You must learn to balance food and exercise in a sensible daily routine that you can sustain over the long term (in other words,  for the rest of your life).

The word earn also implies  the  last essential element in this mantra: the payoff or reward for your efforts. In the end, you reep the benefits. But it gets even better; success breeds success. Allow your achievements to further your passion to maintain your accomplishments.

The new year holds promise for endless opportunities and the prospects of new possibilites. I hope each and everyone of you, works toward the promise of a better you. Whether it’s a reduced BMI, a better relationship with food,  or a faster race time, we all have room to improve. Let 2013 be the beginning of a new you!

Happy New Year!

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