Salad Season + OXO Salad Shaker Giveaway

Salad Season + OXO Salad Shaker GiveawaySummer is salad season and it’s just around the corner! The abundance of fresh local produce makes it enticing  to toss together a healthy salad. Not only that, if you enjoy activities outside of the kitchen,  salad can simplify your life. Yes, salads are not only healthy and delicious, they are quick and easy and  will  allow you  to scale back cooking and enjoy the season! It’s sooo easy to toss together some fresh greens, add some colorful summer veggies;  top with grilled chicken , salmon or shrimp and drizzle with homemade dressing. That’s my answer for dinner on a hot summer night after a day spent outside the kitchen!

Just in time for meals after those fun filled summer days spent at the beach, on the golf course or anywhere outside your kitchen,  I am giving away a healthy eating tool that will make  finishing your salads with homemade dressing a breeze. I am giving away an OXO Salad Shaker; OXO has sent me two of them! The one pictured is mine for using in this blog post (thank you OXO)  and the other is for a lucky winner!

I would like to share some of my thoughts about the OXO salad shaker; I have been using mine for about a month. For a gal who makes salad everyday, this is an awesome tool!   One of the first features of this tool I appreciated was the  wide opening to accommodate a range of ingredients. I was able to cut fresh herbs right into the salad shaker, avoiding having to squish them through a tight necked container. This feature also simplifies clean up .

Salad Season + OXO Salad Shaker Giveaway

The OXO Salad Shaker has a leakproof seal that prevents dressing from spills when shaking. Yeah, this should be a no brainer, but as many of you know, not all salad shakers are created equal. I make enough mess of my own, I don’t need my tools making any more!

Salad Season + OXO Salad Shaker Giveaway

 I found serving from the salad shaker just as easy as making and mixing in it.  The shaker has a spout that allows you to pour right onto your salad and control the amount you want to deliver.  There is nothing worse than ruining your masterpiece by flooding the veggies with too much dressing!

Salad Season + OXO Salad Shaker Giveaway

And when your done, the salad shaker stores nicely on the side of the refrigerator door for your next use. You can make a large batch of salad dressing, and have it on hand. Dressing made and ready to go means more time for you outside of the kitchen this season!

 To be eligible for the giveaway, please leave me a comment telling me why you’d like to win your very own OXO Salad Shaker.  Don’t wait, the contest will end Friday, May 25 at 5 pm. (You must be at least 18 years old  and live in the United States to enter.) Good Luck!

Diane Boyd, MBA, RD, LDN

Remember Mom | Healthy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


Mothers are special! They love you even when you aren’t sooo lovable. They teach you all the important things in life like saying, “please and thank you,” reminding you to do your homework and encouraging you to eat your fruits and veggies!!!

The truth is, Moms don’t expect ANYTHING on Mother’s Day. They are usually just content knowing their kiddos are happy and healthy! But YOU want to show your MOM you appreciate her because in your heart of hearts, you know she’s made plenty of sacrificies on your behalf. So keep it simple, and do something that keeps her in the pink!  Here is a link that offers seven, creative, healthy ideas to show Mom you care.

Another suggestion would be to surprise her with a  healthy breakfast in bed! You don’t even have to cook to pull off a breakfast consisting of a cuccmuber sandwich, smoked salmon, fresh fruit and hot tea.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

What one word BEST describes your MOM?

Diane Boyd, M.B.A., R.D., L.D.N.

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