Keeping Thanksgiving in Perspective


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Pictures of Thanksgiving focus on beautiful tablescapes, perfectly prepared food,  and exquisite settings. When these images run through our heads, and we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of pulling the BIG meal together, we can lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday.  When this happens to me, I think back to my most memorable Thanksgiving, and it helps me to keep things in perspective. This post is my story of that special Thanksgiving.

Growing up, my son played many competitive sports. Golf was one of them. Like most competitive sports now a days, this one was year round. One of his (and our) favorite events was the George Holiday Tournament. This event was played at Myrtle Beach National; three rounds with the first beginning on Thanksgiving day.

This particular year, we were cold, hungry and tired after the first,  five hour round and we all looked forward to filling our tummies and a simple way to celebrate the holiday.  Anticipating a restaurant cooked meal, we were most disappointed.  Did I mention it was Thanksgiving?  The only thing open was ………Waffle House! Hmm, left with few options, what did we do?  In search of something resembling Thanksgiving, we high tailed it to the grocery store!

Back in our cozy hotel room the four of us  dined off of paper plates and ate with plastic ware. The menu was something like this: precooked rotisserie chicken, frozen microwaved vegetables, ready made tossed salad with bottled dressing, crusty bread and store bought pumpkin pie. Although the food was not what my kids were accustomed to on Thanksgiving, I could tell they were enjoying this most unusual venue. Instead of focusing on the food, we found comfort in being together. This makeshift holiday meal helped us to remember what is truly important.

Forget the perfect plate, enjoy the holiday for it’s true meaning! Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you had a Thanksgiving experience that helps you remember the true meaning of the holiday?

What Inspires You?

What Inspires You?

It’s my blogiversary! Yep, it’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for one full year! This week I am recharging my battery! From my tail-wagging pals to some of my favorite local destinations, today’s photos will give you a glimpse of what’s been inspiring me! Ahhhh, it feels good to stop and reflect on the year. To date I have published 56 posts. I have added some posts on fitness, had some guest bloggers (hope to add more), increased my number of photos and recipes and became a member of the Recipe Redux blogging community. But by far my biggest accomplishment is connecting with you, my loyal readers!!! Many of you have left comments, sent me email and DMs, mentioned me on twitter,  and even called me!  It is ultimately, my influence, that measures my success.  THANK YOU!!!!!

So who are you, my readers, anyway?  Statistics show you are a fairly young crowd, both male and female. Some of you are colleagues and fellow bloggers! From what I can surmise, some of you are serious and  some just like messing with me (you know who you are)!!! Whatever category you fit into, YOU are all equally important to me and I especially enjoy connecting!

Yes, connecting! When you connect with me you inspire me. So, I’m giving you a glimpse of what inspires me, but what about YOU?! Please continue to let me know with your comments (here or on facebook, twitter, e-mail, phone and even in person) what your favorite posts are, what you like, what you want to read more about, what  you want to share, or anything else that’s on your mind! And if there is any one out there I haven’t heard from (gasp) please join the conversation!

We are all in this journey together! Let’s inspire each other to  improve eating habits, find some delicious yet healthy recipes, try new fitness ideas and above all,  have a little FUN! So how about another year? I say bring it on!!!

What inspires you?


What Inspires You?

What Inspires You?


What Inspires You?

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