Strawberry Mint Shrub

Every once in awhile, a recipe I intend to make gets pushed to the side and sometimes even lost in the shuffle. Such was the fate of the strawberry shrub my husband requested back in  September, after reading about it in one of my countless magazines.  The shrub,  not to be confused with the plants outside your house, is an old-fashioned drink, made with sugar, vinegar and fruit. Herbs, spices  and vegetables can be added to the basic formula to create infinite versions of this tart drinkable vinegar. Alone this beverage is  non alcoholic, but  can be added to cocktails. Hmm, sounds like a  versatile beverage for New Year’s accomodating those wanting to toast with something  boozey and those preferring to refrain from alcohol.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the recipe, or even  which magazine  it was in.. Cooking Light, Shape,Cosmopolitan… oh my? Instead of searching aimlessly for the recipe, I googled  the words: shrub drink. Viola! This search  found a basic  template for the beverage: one part fruit, one part sugar and one part vinegar. After combining just 3 simple ingredients, I added the sweet- tart syrup  to ice and sparkling water  for a light way to toast to the New Year.

Strawberry Mint Shrub

I think the shrub is going to be my new go to addition for sprucing up bottled water. I also like the idea of using a shrub  in  salad dressings, homemade jam, and glaze for meats!!!  Cheers! Happy New Year.


Strawberry Mint Shrub

by Diane Boyd


    for the strawberry shrub syrup(makes one cup of syrup)

    • 1 cup defrosted strawberries
    • 1 cup sugar
    • 1 cup white wine vinegar

    for the strawberry shrub by the glass

    • ice
    • 1 tablespoon strawberry shrub syrup
    • sparkling water or wine


    for the strawberry shrub syrup

    1.Place defrosted strawberries in a jar. Add sugar. Stir to combine. Cover and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

    2. Using a seive, strain the syrup away from the solids, pressing lightly on the strawberries to expel any additional liquid.

    3. Add vinegar to the sugar-strawberry liquid and whisk together.Use as is or refrigerate for a day or two to allow flavors to mellow.

    for the Strawberry Mint Shrub

    1. Add ice to glass. Add sprig of mint.

    2.Pour 1 tablespoon strawberry shrub syrup over ice.

    3. Fill glass with sparkling water or wine. Enjoy.

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