Seeking Comfort: Food vs Feelings + Mood Boosting Playlist

Sometimes it’s more important to ask, “What’s eating you?” than “What are you eating?” I bring this up now because the events of these past weeks have been tragic.  Sad Sobering. And can leave anyone feeling numb. How have you … Continue reading

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What Motivates Me to Run

  For me, running is selfish. I do it for myself. I do it because I enjoy it. I don’t train with anyone else. I don’t belong to a running club. I don’t train for events in exotic far away … Continue reading

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Making the Treadmill ‘Easy’

Today’s post is about making the treadmill fun. Did I just use the words fun and treadmill in the same sentence? Yeah, I did.  The poor treadmill; it is notoriously referred to as the dreadmill!  Yet there are situations I am truly thankful for it.  They … Continue reading

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