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Winter Greek Yogurt Bowl

Keep  healthy  eating  simple; this  Greek Yogurt Bowl  has only 4 ingredients  and makes a great breakfast, lunch or recovery snack. It  takes  time and effort to be the healthiest version of yourself. But I hope to make  it a … Continue reading

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Slow Cooked Chicken Tangine with Butternut Squash

Days I’m out of the house until 7 pm are rare, but when they do occur, I am usually hungry when I walk through the door and want something to eat right away. It’s tempting to  do what I did … Continue reading

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Care Package for Coeds

My pumpkin is now living in a dorm. She and her roommate have taken lots of  pride in the room they decorated by themselves and now call their own. Just this week she agreed I could come on campus for … Continue reading

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Helping the Mayo Clinic Prevent Heart Attacks

Blood pressure, lipids, BMI…I can’t seem to get these “lyrics” out of my head ever since I saw the Mayo Clinic’s music video “Know Your Numbers” featuring a parody of the 1982 hit song 567-5309/Jenny. This video marks the Mayo Clinic’s … Continue reading

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