The Vegetarian Flavor Bible: A Book Review


VEG FLVRBIBLE #2Disclosure: I  received a signed copy of  The Vegetarian Flavor Bible to review and share with my readers. I was not  financially compensated to write this post. Opinions are my own.

Flavor. That’s Karen Page’s answer to the question,

Why go vegetarian?

In her latest book, The Vegetarian Flavor Bible, she is compelling.

 The book includes Karen’s personal story,   a history of vegetarianism, and insights from some of the country’s leading chefs, including  techniques they use to enhance flavor and texture in American’s most impressive vegetable-centric restaurants.  But the heart and soul is  dedicated to flavor matchmaking!  I ‘m madly in love with  the  a to z listing of hundreds of healthful, nutrient dense ingredients (vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds) along with their: flavor profiles, peak seasons, botanical relatives, possible substitutes, nutritional profiles, serving suggestions and cooking tips.  Yep, this book is the boss!!!

Who should own this book?

Millennials asking the question, Is it time I bought a cookbook?  You’ve been putting off buying one because you look everything up on the internet.  Well, this exhaustive collection of flavor profiles is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND, except in this book. From the familiar, like broccoli and quinoa, to the not so familiar, like fenugreek or nutritional yeast, you ‘ll find an explosion of ideas about preparing a plant based meal or diet.

Seasoned cooks and culinary experts who have cookbooks to spare. Don’t see how any additional cookbooks can be of value? This one is different. I usually find one or two incredible recipes from every cookbook in my collection of over umpteen books. This  is one resource I am now using on a daily basis, either for creating new dishes  (like  my creamy polenta with oranges & almonds), or  helping my  patients learn to make healthy foods more flavorful.

Food bloggers,  this one  is a no brainer.  It’s a culinary classic that serves as an indispensable resource for combining foods, developing recipes, making healthy substitutions and inspiring creativity in the kitchen. Yes, it’s worth the $40 you spend,  and remember, it’s a business expense for you.

Moms and dads, use this as a resource to begin early introduction of the healthiest foods to your children. Learn how  to pack vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains with flavor, so your kids will  learn to love the foods you want them to eat.

Omnivores aiming to decrease meat consumption will find practical ways to boost vegetable consumption and useful tips that make eating less meat an easy lifestyle change.

Vegetarians and Vegans,  you will find this book a champion for the lifestyle you choose. With as many as 84% of vegetarians and vegans  going back to eating meat and other animal products (some within one year) and 43% reporting they have a hard time sticking to a ‘pure’ diet,  some words of wisdom are in order. Page delivers with understanding and enlightening advice  “…you don’t have to be a full-time vegetarian to reap the benefits” .

 Where do you fit?

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