Nutrition Experts Share the Love vi

Share_the_love_v_1_Today’s share the love post is a double dose! That’s because I’m plugging not one, but two impressive nutrition experts, Liz Weiss, MS,  RD and Janice Bissex, MS, RD.  These lovely ladies have teamed up to help busy families eat nutritious meals and snacks. They have an information packed blog Meal Makeover Moms Kitchen. Check it out for recipes  like this protein power breakfast parfait. They have penned two award winning cook books, No Whine with Dinner : 150 Healthy Kid Tested Recipes from the Makeover Moms ( M3 Press, 2011) and The Moms Guide to Meal Makeovers: Improving the Way your Family Eats one Meal at a Time (Broadway Books, 2004.) They go the extra mile promoting good nutrition with a radio podcast they host bi-weekly, Cooking With the Moms, (nominated By IACP as the best culinary Audio program of 2011).  I especially liked podcast #260 on prediabetes . With nearly 80 million Americans with prediabetes (and the number of individuals seeking nutrition counseling at Cape Fear Nutrition because of this condition), I believe this is the show someone out there is looking for.  Also, since I’ve  been discussing the benefits of distributing protein through out the day and the ten reasons you should care about muscle maintenace  let me  point out this informative podcast  tips for adding more protein to your diet.

I admire how the Makeover Meal Moms share the love and I want to share it with you.  Follow them on Twitter, Pinterest Instagram Facebook

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