Coping with Colder Weather: Cabin Fever Cardio Workout

Did you run today? Before the day is over, someone will ask me that. Perhaps wondering how brave  obsessive complusive I really am. After all, here’s what the weather looks like in my neck of the

Yeah, I know this is nothing compared to what YOU  might be experiencing in other parts of the country, but it’s a far cry from the usual around here and it probably set some kind of cold weather record that will be forever documented in the history of this small town. So back to the original question, NO, this DID NOT HAPPEN ..

and look who is unhappyphoto-256… photo-257







Good news, tomorrow it will be 55 degrees F and we’ll be back pounding the pavement. But for today, here’s  my colder weather cardio workout  (in lieu of a routine 5 mile run accompanied by four legged creature above.) Start with light warm up of planks and core exercises like V sit BOSU Core passes . Then jump rope alternating with cycling. I  skip rope for 500 jumps alternating with 5 mintues of cycling on a stationary bike (resistance up) as fast as I can go. Repeat 5 times for a 40 minute cardio workout that should get your heart rate up. Is the weather cramping your style? How are you coping?

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