1. Love this post Diane!! Although I will happily adit, that my husband eats {and actually likes} most all of my healthier creations {he is a Cali man after all!}, I know he would jump for joy if all I served him was a big ol’ steak paired with an even bigger mug of beer 🙂 That being said, I 100% agree that expanding one’s palate doesn’t happen over night. It’s taken my daughter 13 years to actually like lettuce, and my son at 11, only likes lettuce when I serve it with my “special sauce” 🙂 Keep on making more of your healthier {delicious} creations!!!

    • Thanks, E.A. It certainly makes life easier when everyone likes the same things. But this is probably unrealistic. I’m jealous of your Cali man’s acceptance of ‘all foods created by E.A.’

  2. So glad you posted this – it’s pretty much what I knew I was getting into with dear husband from Day 1. He’s definitely a eat to live person/tricky eater while I am the opposite. Most of the time he doesn’t indulge in what I make but it is what it is (he’ll make his own meal.) I’m just hoping my 7 year old comes around – she used to eat everything and is has been more ‘selective’ over the past few years. I’ll keep plugging away for her sake!!

    • Thank you, Deanna. I like the way you put it, “It is what it is.” You include your daughter in cooking, which as you know, is a real plus for getting kids to try new foods!

  3. There definitely has to be a give and take when trying new foods! If you can find a recipe and reduce the calories by half and add nutrients like you’ve done with this recipe, I think it’s definitely worth a shot! It takes time for everyone (myself included) to get used to different tastes and flavors than what we’re used to, but it is a fun process! Great post, and great recipe!

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