Quittin’ You: Walk away from your bad habits

I’m quittin’ quittin’ quittin’

I’m quittin’ you

Like a girl wants her chocolate, yeah

I know that I’ll miss you

 But I’m quittin’ quittin’ quittin’

I’m not kiddin’ I’m kickin’ you

‘Cause you’re my bad habit and

I’m quittin’ you

I am suggesting  the song Quittin’ You (the Band Perry) as a motivational tune for anyone who wants (or needs) to make changes and resolves to follow through in 2013. Whether or not you agree with making New Year’s resolutions, 40-45% of  you will make at least one resolution this year. Many of you will will aim to eat healthier, drink less, and exercise more. As a matter of fact, losing weight is the number one resolution set in America. Hanging in there is the toughest part; only 8% of the people setting resolutions are successful. So if you are motivated enough to make a resolution, I’d like to help you stay motivated (with Quittin’ You added to your playlist so you can listen everyday),  and a few tips to stay focused to make 2013 the year of fruition!

1. Start small and be consistent.

Small changes, made consistently are the cornerstone of lasting change. It’s not what you do once in while that impacts your life. It’s what you do consistently. It’s far better to change one thing and be consistent with it than try to change three. Making small changes consistently will ultimately lead to more positive days and less frustration than making multiple changes all at once.

2. Be patient.

If you are starting on a healthier diet plan and more intense exercise today, don’t wake up expecting to look like you should be on the cover of every top selling fitness magazine. If you have weight to lose you didn’t gain it overnight and you won’t lose it that quickly either. Be realistic with your expectations. How long do you have to eat right and exercise before you see results? I am not sure of the exact time frame, but I am almost certain that it is  longer than you want. But don’t give up!  Many people give up simply because they don’t see the desired results soon enough. Keep the focus on living healthier, not on your looks.

3. Start Tracking

Keeping records of objective information can help you avoid emotional fallouts!  What should you track? Start tracking everything you eat and drink. This can help you assess the behaviors you need to change. Track your physical activity. Do you exercise as much as you think you do? It’s also important to track progress along the way. Use this to evaluate your plan,  make adjustments when necessary, and reward yourself for positive behavior.

4. Reward Yourself

Change is not easy. Reward yourself once in awhile  for the effort and work you put into achieving your goals. What’s a good reward? Anything that doesn’t conflict with the positive behavior you’re trying to mold. I often help my clients preset milestones and suggest they purchase a new song to add to a playlist at every milestone reached. Other little rewards are: fresh cut flowers, a pedicure, a new magazine or book to enjoy.  Ultimately, feeling good and optimizing your health potential will be the best reward.

Here’s to a Happy & Healthy New Year!


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